5 ways to refresh your relationship

http://thegrasswizard.com/blogo4/fitj-diesel-website-5069895.php When you have been together for sometime, things can get a bit “samey” so we came up with 5 ways to refresh your relationship that has always worked for us and doesn’t cost a dime.

  1. Take a walk together; go for a stroll around your local area or park, take a turn you haven’t taken before you could get lost but find that talking and walking and discovering something new together will get you two talking like old friends. Walking makes us happy and gives us energy as well as numerous other health benefits like weight loss, toning and strengthening your heart.
  2. Watch a movie: you both would not normally go for together, we like to watch European movies, particularly french movies. we find ourselves laughing, pausing, rewinding to converse about the film. With options like Amazon Prime and Netflix no need to pay extra going out the the movies. For authenticity get some microwave popcorn, turn down the lights and voila – home cinema. Some of our favourite movies are 2 days in Paris, Une heure de tranquillité and Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.
  3. Cook a meal together: most people have really strong quirks when they cook, they either do everything by the book or just go with the flow. One reason cooking together is great is that it teaches you a different type of team work and communication and it bonds you two in completing a project together as well as being good fun, it doesn’t hurt you get to enjoy a meal together after all the hard work. surveys have shown that cooking together can strengthen relationships.
  4. Have a picnic: The park is a great place to do loads as a couple. Put some sandwiches together (together) and head to the park with a blanket and some beers (or wine if you prefer). make a trip to a major park like Hyde Park or Green Park just to your local. invite some friends (maybe another couple) and enjoy soaking up the sun and each others company
  5. Couples Photo shoot: This is one that keeps giving, photographers are expensive so get a friend to use their fancy camera to take some snaps of you two.starring into each others eyes and having to be a bit mushy will get you giggling and when you see the pics it will remind you why you went through the whole corny process.

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