Traveling as a couple Her View;

I love to travel! I love experiencing a new adventure and doing it with my partner is even better. They say an experience lasts a life time and I totally agree when it comes to travelling as a couple.  Not only is it a good experience but it is also a good test to the relationship, as people can be very different whilst travelling compared to the comfort of their day-to-day routine.

You may want to consider a few things like, location – do you want an adventure of relaxing holiday, do you like to plan the whole trip or take it day by day, do you need to rest at the hotel once you arrive or get straight to the pool with a cocktail.  I am a planner by nature so I like to have a schedule when on holiday to ensure I get to see and do everything the location has to offer, while Obi is a go-with-the flow kind of guy so a good middle ground for us is planning a few days and have the days in between to relax chill out and go with the flow, so as not to have too many disagreements.

His View;

We both have the same view on traveling; its refreshing getting a different perspective of the world, it makes one feel that they are part of a bigger picture. Travelling with your partner, now that will double the pleasure. I must admit planning might not be my strongest point; however, theres something exciting about planning a trip and when it all comes together can be the most rewarding experience.

I’d recommend beach destinations to any one however a little rough and tumble in an activity based trip is also worth the time and sweat. We like to book package holidays with Opodo or British Airways as they have quite nice deals and sometimes we book based on our price point so it forces us to go somewhere we may not have had on our Radar.

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