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Layer Reveal: Working with Davey Feimer, Founder of OpenTree Education

The Layered Onion has been working with Davey Feimer, founder of OpenTree Education, since Fall of 2021. Davey has provided professional mentorship, invaluable resources, and has generously shared his time with us. The model of education that OpenTree Education is creating is vibrant, unique, and long overdue.

About OpenTree Education

OpenTree Education works to facilitate equitable entry and growth in the tech industry. Over the course of 8 weeks OpenTree Education provides free 1:1 mentorship, technical and behavioral training, experience on a real software team, and lifetime support after that.

OpenTree Mission & Founder Statement

By creating safe spaces for people to learn, develop, and actualize their own potential, Davey champions diversity, equity and inclusion for a stronger workforce. He’s the founder and CEO of OpenTree Education, an equitable education company transforming mentorship, recruitment and professional development. As a queer founder he is passionate about breaking down barriers and sharing his lived experience through inspiration.

If any of our readers are interested in moving into the tech industry and would like more information on OpenTree Education, please reach out.