Gnomes with Flowered Hats (3)

Avesha Michael


Set of 3 gnomes – a trio in any color with flowers.

Approx 4.5″ tall

Material: Stoneware, (under)glaze.

Handmade Gnomes for your garden and home.
These Scandinavian guardians are known to keep an eye and care for your garden and/or home.
Especially in the summer, a cherished addition for holiday decor.
Put them in your indoor plants, outdoor gardens, or in your home on window sills, fireplace mantels, at holiday everywhere… on your porch stoop, kitchen counter… they love taking care of your beloved spaces!
Collect them all… they are delightful caretakers of your gardens and homes!

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About the Artist

Avesha Michael (she/her) is a ceramic artist, writer, storyteller, and healer. Avesha uses art to heal and connect with herself and one another.

Avesha participated in The Layered Onion Podcast, which you can listen to here.
IG: @avesha33

Ceramic art by Avesha Michael.

Podcast by The Layered Onion.

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