Shallot Digital Exclusive

Volume 2, Number 1 of The Shallot features several Digital Exclusives that you can access from this page! Welcome.

The Shallot Cover.

Each exclusive is arranged in the order it appears in The Shallot.

Page 20 – Torch the Prickly Pears by Kaius Kirby

Kaius’ work is a sculpted vessel. It is meant to be meaningfully encountered by the body. Kaius’ works are brightly colored (for varied vision), textured (for stimming), and unmounted (for mobility).

We wanted these vessels to POP off of the page for you! Hence this digital exclusive video was born to give an up close view of the texture of these incredible pieces.

Videos not showing? You can view them here.

Page 22 – to question a home by Teagan Annesly

This piece was originally written with a typewriter! You can see the original series below.

Adobe Illustrator and InDesign, Typewriter, Photography

We adapted the font in The Shallot for consistency with the other pieces, but we love the original! Teagan has also included a bonus image.

Page 37 – Rage Flower by Ariel Ayres

See the making of Rage Flower by following the QR code or links below!

QR code to creation of Rage Flower video

If you can’t access the QR code, use this link to open Ariel’s Instagram to locate posts:

The artist describes the piece and Spring:

Spring is rebirth. We are scorched by Summer heat, then get a short break before we are frozen by Winter frost. When Spring comes along, we are so grateful for reprieve; of course it seems delicate in comparison. But within that softness is the memory of all we have survived and all that we have lost. Rebirth is just as beautiful as it is agonizing. We are constantly choosing to move forward, to create new and beautiful things, even as we process all the things we were before. This painting is a reflection of the pain and the beauty of rebirth, and the wrath hidden under the delicate blooms of spring.

This same text accompanies the Instagram post.

    We hope you enjoyed The Shallot!