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Danni Blackman

Visual Artist and Activist
Orange County, California

@danniblackmaaan // Website

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About Danni

Hello! My name is Danni and I am a self-taught visual artist. I have been working with acrylics on canvas for almost 6 years.

The journey towards my style started when I was 17. I had a random urge to paint and collected the supplies I could find from my childhood leftovers. The goal was to paint a landscape, but as the process continued along, I noticed I was falling for the palette more than the painting itself. I began using my canvas simultaneously as the palette ever since.

I listen to live or recorded music, envision colors, and allow the brush strokes to be led by my awkward dance moves. I enjoy embracing the nonsensical. Creating for the sake of creation creates freedom.

Danni Blackman, An Upset Mind at Peace

Interview with Danni Blackman

Danni Blackman, i miss my body. Mixed media, acrylics, and cloth. 2020.

You have an interesting process with sound and visuals. Can you describe what that is like?
It’s very mind’s eye but also instantaneous. I can vividly picture what colors go with the melody and the feel. It feels like I’m able to capture the energy and the essence of the sound. Sometimes I do full albums and sometimes just 1-2 songs. I play the album on repeat until it ends up on paper. You can see this in “i miss my body.”

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