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Devon McKnight

Minimal Abstract Painter
Greensboro, North Carolina

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About Devon

This work comes out of a history of formality and a desire to break apart the structure of a system, specifically Painting.  I question what makes up a painting: how it is formed, what it can be, what it can mean, where it comes from.

I consider the formal in its most basic existence, separating line, color, shape.  Using these elements I arrange and rearrange, coming upon more questions within these fragile relationships. There is a lot of looking that takes place. After putting down paint, I sit and look, trying to see the forms and spaces that have been shaped and those that could be.

I try to stay in this liminal space of transience.  It is a place of wonder and precarity, lines and forms falling apart, barely stable.  To not know, to be unsecure in meaning, draws out openness and a welcoming of fear and doubt. There is strength in the pursuit and in the mere existence.  There is energy in the endless exploration that transfers to and draws from everyday life and I hope enters the lives of those that encounter this work.

Interview with Devon McKnight

Devon McKnight, untitled. 8x6in, pigment and medium on panel. 2022.

What first drew you to art?

Art has always been embedded in my life. Our house was filled with art, no actual paintings that I remember, but reproductions of Georgia Okeefe paintings, I think I remember a print of a Bruegel painting?, weavings, a family photo wall, and hella books. Going to see films as a family was a thing, even as a child. My mother taught high school English so the arts were always being discussed.

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