Harper hazelmare

Harper Hazelmare

Botanical artist, hauntology writer, & community apothecary keeper. (she/they + we/our/ours)

Madison, WI


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About Harper

Harper Hazelmare (she/they + we/our/ours) is a non-binary, queer botanical artist, writer of cautionary tales, and keeper of a community apothecary. When not knitting and providing a lap for two geriatric cats, Harper can be found experimenting in her home studio with found objects or growing black peppermint for Herbalists Without Borders. Their current project is of dual intent: a written chronicle for DID systems and their partners supplemented with handmade books of visual art.

Fences, Acrylic on paper
12 x 9 in.


Harper shares their wisdom, creations. and the importance of community for artists with mental health challenges. Harper discusses their poem from The Shallot, using onion skins as a botanical dye, and keeping a community apothecary.


Current Dream, Charcoal
9.5 x 12 in

When you look at this piece, what stands out most to you or draws you back in?  
I still see the face in it which I originally saw upon completion; this is a subconscious theme in my work. When making visual art, there are usually 2-5 alters present with us co-creating simultaneously or taking turns—something which lends itself to “hidden” discoveries within each piece, some of which are quite tiny. However, the main draw for me in Current Dream is the stark lines, like a person struggling to practice control and commitment.

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