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Kat Gibbons

Kat Gibbons is a self-taught artist and Educational Therapist working with exceptional and at-risk youth through the arts.

Longmont, Colorado

@kgibbonscreativeaid // www.kgibbonscreativeaid.com

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About Kat

Katherine joined The Layered Onion because art has saved her life from a Major Depressive Disorder, Anxiety and Trauma. In an effort to continue supporting the children with whom she creates, Katherine wants to expand her connections and understanding of working artists who have also struggled with mental well-being and be a supportive participant in the lives of other artists. She has a strong desire to bring light to the undeniable need for the arts in the lives of all children but especially children who have exceptional needs and gifts.

Kat Gibbons, Virginia Woolf preparing for her death in the River Ouse. Oil paint, April 2022.

Interview with Kat Gibbons

Kat Gibbons, The Dying Seed, Multimedia tapestry hung from reclaimed driftwood

What are the mediums you used for this piece?
On this piece I used yarn, cotton string, dyed roving, a feather and the white hair in the middle is still a mystery.  I almost always hang the pieces from driftwood and this piece I got on the shores of Lake Michigan. 

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