off the wall

shanelle julia rosita


Image Description A silhouette meets dissection, you’re seeing the deconstruction of the onion we all are with its auric field on display. There’s movement, intricate details, color, waves and shapes all meant to demonstrate the nuances of the human experience.

Dimensions of Print: 12 x 16 inches on archival paper

Artist Bio:
shanelle julia rosita is an abstract artist + interior designer from Brooklyn, NY. During high school, she decided to give up on her art and discard her portfolio entirely after comparing herself to others. In 2020, her spiritual awakening + mental health journey led her to picking up a marker for the first time in 16 years. Her creative process prioritizes intuition over intention, allowing her instrument of choice to lead the way. shanelle hopes her practice will inspire others to trust themselves deeply in order to fulfill their purpose.

Instagram: @shanellejuliarosita

Only 200 limited edition onion prints available. 20% of each print will be donated to NAMI Wisconsin.

200 in stock