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Mert Jones, cyanotype, photography

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Questions & Answers

Who are The Layered Onion artists?
The Layered Onion is community of artists with mental and emotional health challenges of all abilities, ages, classes, ethnicities, genders, geographies, presentations, origins, races, and sexualities.

What is a benefit corporation?

The Layered Onion incorporated as a benefit corporation. A benefit corporation strives to improve society and the environment as well as be profitable. The Layered Onion is committed to becoming a Certified B Corporation in the future.

What is our mission?

We are dedicated to elevating artists with mental and emotional health struggles, fostering empathy, understanding, and acceptance. Uniting art and advocacy, we challenge stigmas and empower artists, reshaping the narrative for a more inclusive and compassionate world. Together, we peel back layers revealing the raw beauty and strength within each artist’s journey.

Who are Supporters?
Supporter contributions to The Layered Onion allow us to provide crucial resources that help our artists. Supporters are art enthusiasts, mental health advocates, friends and family. Supporters can also participate in other ways through mentorship, networking, and infinitely more options. *Please note contributions are not tax deductible.

How does The Layered Onion collect and store payment information?
We use Stripe to process monthly recurring payments. Stripe is a secure payment processing service used and trusted broadly. We do not collect any credit card information on our platform.