Let’s Grow Together

Pick a Layer that feels right for you, upgrade or cancel anytime.


  • Community platform
  • Print copy of The Shallot
  • Newsletter
  • Podcast interview and promotion

$10 per month


  • All Root benefits
  • Access to at least three gallery showings a year
  • Pop-up art events
  • Your art used on promotional merchandise in store
  • Promotion of you
    • On our website with redirects to your desired media
    • Blog posts about and from you
    • Video shorts
    • Social media posts about your work

$25 per month

When you sign up to be a creator with The Layered Onion you receive:

A community of creators who live with mental and emotional health hurdles.

A subscription to The Shallot: Journal of Mental Health, Art and Literature.

An opportunity, if you wish, to be highlighted on our podcast.

A foundation to help support your art career.

A promotional team that will work to expand opportunities for you.

*TLO does not provide counseling or a forum to discuss treatment.

Scholarships are available for artists dependent on the scholarship pool. First priority will be to help artists interested in moving from Root to the premium Onion membership so we can support their chosen profession with sales and marketing efforts. Submit the below form to apply. Email [email protected] with any scholarship questions.

    Scholarship Q+A (these will make up the body of the guest post):

    Questions & Answers

    Who can join The Layered Onion creator community?
    The Layered Onion is a platform and community built for artists with mental and emotional health challenges of all abilities, ages, classes, ethnicities, genders, geographies, presentations, origins, races, and sexualities.

    What is the Root?
    The Root is our most basic layer (or level). The Root is an invitation to our Creator Community chat where you can talk, collaborate, and meet our team and other artists.

    The ‘Creators Only’ newsletter will be a place where we share resources, discounts, and opportunities with like-minded organizations with whom we partner.

    What is the Scale?
    The Scale layer contains everything in the Root, an artist portfolio hosted on our site, artist store hosted on our site, and virtual events and open calls coordinated by TLO.

    Artists receive 100% of the price they set for their work. TLO adds a 30% commission fee to each piece, which the buyer is responsible for paying.

    We are constantly growing our social presence and marketing our mission and our artists to everyone who will listen. We will promote your work broadly via our social media, blog, and newsletter updates.

    How does The Layered Onion collect and store payment information?
    We use Stripe to process monthly recurring payments. Stripe is a secure payment processing service used and trusted broadly. We do not collect any credit card information on our platform.

    What if I want to cancel?
    If you no longer want to be a part of The Layered Onion, you can cancel anytime in your Account Settings under ‘Subscriptions’. You will keep your access to our community until the month end of last payment.

    If your circumstances have changed and you wish to be involved in the community but need to alter to a different tier, please let us know at [email protected].