The Artists

The Artists

The Layered Onion community are multi-disciplinary artists, writers, painters, poets, photographers, collagists, musicians, dancers, performers, sculptors, illustrators, weavers, and more.

All of us live and create with neurodivergence, mental health challenges, chronic illness, and/or disabilities.

weatherveins by Brittany Josie

Brittany Josie

Harper Hazelmare

Black and white photograph of white person in studio. Wearing long sleeve button up shirt and glasses.

John F. Gerrard

Devon McKnight

Luna Hao

Ifasina Clear

Margaret Phinney

Lauren E. Allen

Kat Gibbons

Mert Jones Wilkinson

A self-portrait of a girl contemplating amongst a grove of cherry blossoms. Hav- ing been a chameleon throughout her life, she is begining to shed her scales, learning to get to know herself.

Jenny Solem

Black and white picture of Julie and her cat. Julie has short hair and an eyebrow piercing.

Julie Kitzes

Danni Blackman

Amin Nayebi

A blonde woman sitting in her studio. She is wearing a half white and half black top. She sits in front of her paintings.

Ashley Showalter

Maggie Bowyer

Savannah Calhoun

Sergey Dobrynov

Anam Tariq

Bailey Constas

Calvina Morgan

Yas Martinez

Kaius Kirby

Katie Sanford

Selfie of a person with pink hair, striped top, and a nose piercing lookup up at camera.

Joce Leo

Éloïse Armary

Tina Rea

Gabriel Torres

Dee Rovetta

Side view of a person with orange hair, a striped colorful sweater holding a rainbow mug.

Carrie Ravenscroft

Michael Highway

Headshot of women with dark hair, a little gray patch on the right side. She is wearing a teal shirt and slightly smiling at camera.

Melissa Smith Kennedy

Clara Christensen

Martina Collender

Natalia Tcherniak

Dheeraj Kumar -silentstorytelleart-

Erin M. Smith

Photograph of person wearing blue long sleeve shirt holding a guitar.

Laurie Dameron

Emma Paunil

Andi Dees

Ginny S. Gillikin

Sia Spark

Many More!