Stop Zoning Out!

Carrie Ravenscroft


A colourful space scene with childhood toys and characters floating around:

As I was creating this space scene, I found myself drifting off into an alternative state of consciousness. Nothing too wild, more of a peaceful, mindful, dream-like state. I was drawing and making whilst laying, belly down on the floor, like a happy child playing. Where time lost meaning and adulting wasn’t a thing. For me, it’s about having a safe and fun place to go to when I need it. And very fittingly to the theme of this exhibition, when I think of space, I picture expansive possibilities and otherworldly ideas…

Description: Print

Dimensions:  8x 10 inches

Artist Bio: Carrie is an artist from London, who combines her lived experience and art therapy training to create colourful works about neurodivergence, disability and mental health. Carrie is open about her own well-being journey, in the hope of helping others feel less alone.

IG: @ravenscroftcarrie