Word of workers

Sergey Dobrynov


A vision of Ukrainian life rendered in paint on glass art. Glass art series.

Material: Oil paint on glass. 20/30cm. 2022.


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About the Artist

Sergey Dobrynov was born in Lugansk, Ukraine. Sergey Dobrynov is a Ukrainian artist who works with oil paint on glass (glass art). A master of crafts, Sergey graduated from the Institute of Culture and Arts in Poltava, Ukraine. Sergey’s specialty is glass painting.

Sergey participated in The Layered Onion Podcast, which you can listen to here. Sergey is an artist living through the devastation of the war in Ukraine. Due to extremely challenging conditions, a normal interview was not possible. Sergey shares through a recording the difficulties, mentally and physically, of living and creating your art while living in a war zone.
IG: @sergeydobrynov

Words from Sergey on this piece:

“These are from my memories of the part-time job in my student years at a construction site.”


Contemporary, modern Ukrainian art by Sergey Dobrynov. Depicts life in Ukraine.

Podcast by The Layered Onion.

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