Returns and Shipping Policy

Shipping, Returns, and Exchanges Policy  

Last updated: August 2, 2022

At The Layered Onion, we are committed to ensuring your satisfaction with the delivery of our artists’ work. Our Shipping, Returns, and Exchanges Policy details how your delivery is fulfilled. By using our Services, you agree to be bound by the terms of our Shipping, Returns, and Exchanges Policy.


The Layered Onion facilitates the shipping of work from our artists to our purchasers at a flat rate. For our information regarding the costs of delivery and packaging fees, please see our Terms of Service

You understand that The Layered Onion does not produce, store, or inspect any of the work sold through our services. The work on our site is produced, stored, packaged, and delivered directly by our artists. You understand that the work will be packaged and delivered on a timeline to be determined at the artist’s sole discretion.

The delivery of work purchased through The Layered Onion’s services will be made to the address provided at the time of order, and will be made in accordance with the procedures of the third-party carrier selected at such time. The Layered Onion will provide the information of the third-party carrier at the time of order.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to inform themself about the procedures and delivery schedules of the third-party carrier; respecting any obligations regarding the delivery of the order is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. The Layered Onion shall in no case be held liable for failure of the artist or purchaser to comply with a third party carrier’s terms.

If, after your order has been placed, you would like to request changes to any shipping information you provided to The Layered Onion, you must contact The Layered Onion immediatelyand in writing, and no later than 24 hours from the time of order. If the order was placed on a weekend or holiday, you must contact The Layered Onion before the conclusion of the following business day. The Layered Onion does not guarantee that it will honor requests for changes to any shipping information made after these periods.

Returns and Exchanges

Due to the nature of our artists’ work, in most cases, purchases from The Layered Onion are not eligible for return or exchange. However, we are committed to working with our community to ensure your satisfaction with our services. Therefore, in certain cases, it may be possible to return or exchange work purchased through The Layered Onion’s Services. All returns and exchanges are handled on an individual basis. 

Work determined by the Layered Onion to have been damaged by the Purchaser shall not be accepted for return or exchange.

The Purchaser must, as soon as they receive the order, check the condition of the artwork, and mention any reservation to the Layered Onion immediately and in writing, and no later than 24 hours from the time of receipt. 

When contacting us in writing about an issue with your order, please be sure to include photos for our reference. 

In most cases, The Layered Onion will not be able to cover the costs associated with returning or exchanging an item. If accepted for return or exchange, work must be received by the Layered Onion within 30 days of original shipment from the seller. 

In an effort to reduce the impact of returned products, The Layered Onion reserves the right to donate or recycle any returned, exchanged, or undelivered work as deemed appropriate in its sole discretion.

If you have any questions related to our Shipping, Returns, and Exchanges Policy, please contact us at [email protected].