Familiar Faces

Aaratrika Roy


It lingers by the window again, looking for ways to get in, to repeat itself, and to eventually get bottled up along with its comrades.

This piece was an attempt to explore the repeating patterns in our life, and how often we succumb to similar situations, whether toxic or not, just because they are a comfort zone for us. We allow them back into our lives, and then scurry to find bottles when they don’t work out (again).

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About the Artist

Instagram: aaratrika_roy
Aaratrika Roy is a contemporary visual artist whose works look at the themes of mental health, psychological disorders, sexuality, and their visibility.
Her works make use of thematic analogies to portray what is truly going on inside of the mind and the body. She makes use of personal experiences, as well as of those close to her, to construct surreal analogies which would help better understand and create awareness of lived experiences.