Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: Carrie Ravenscroft

Today, we’ll be sharing our next artist spotlight! In this series of blog posts, we’ll get to know an artist in the community and learn a little more about them and their work. 

For our second post, we will be featuring Carrie Ravenscroft. Take it away, Carrie!

Artist Bio:

I’m Carrie Ravenscroft, a watercolour illustrator and mental health advocate from London. I am cisgender, female, queer, white and living with a chronic disability. 

More recently, I consider myself neurodivergent, as I have gone through a therapeutic journey that has enabled me to use my experience to support others.  I aim to address discrimination, stigmatisation and ignorance in my work, in a way that is tolerable through colourful, whimsical and nonsensical paintings. As part of my recovery, and to help others feel less alone, I intentionally talk openly about mental health.

As I believe creativity can be a powerful tool for wellbeing, I encourage people to engage in artmaking; I’m dedicated to this socially engaged work, such as facilitating Creative LGBTQI+ and Women’s Spaces voluntarily at a charity. I am also a mental health support worker at a mental health charity.

My most recent illustrations have been for Disability Arts Online and Wellcome Collection.  With a background in Fine Art and Care Work, I am now moving towards graduating as an Art Therapist. My professional life and personal art are kept separate, however my illustrations often draw from life experience.​

Oh and I absolutely LOVE blending pretty, shiny colours, painting on pieces of cardboard, breaking art rules and mixing media in ridiculous ways!

Thanks, Carrie! Below is a piece she is currently working on. Several of Carrie’s other projects can be seen on her website at You can also follow Carrie on Instagram at the handle @ravenscroftcarrie

Work in progress – Arts council funded project ‘The Bigger Picture’, on individualism & connection as a neurodivergent person. Iridescent watercolour, ink, acrylic + marker pens on found cardboard. Each piece is 55 x 35cm