Layer Reveal

Asking for your input

By Linda

Sometimes stories flow through my brain but I wonder if they are unique. When I share verbally, folks will tell me: that “sounds fascinating.”

“Can I read it?” they ask.

Then I panic. I have some of my stories written down, but sharing them means peeling back another layer for others to see. What will they think of the story? Am I ready for the critiques? Who do I trust to  edit? How do I protect my story?  

I researched many online publishing sites and became intimidated. What do the legal agreements mean? Will I still have a say if I want to take down my story? What if I want to publish in a hard copy format? Can I afford it? Is it worth it? 

Thousands of questions flow through my head and then I just become stymied… 

Maybe I won’t share. 

Maybe it is just too hard.

If you have ever felt like this, you will understand why we are launching The Layered Onion—To protect and help people like me whose anxiety is getting in the way of sharing. We will be looking out for your interests and protecting you. Making the legal documents understandable and safeguarding your rights. 

And that’s why we want to hear from YOU. Please share your ideas with us as we develop our publishing site at [email protected]. What is getting in the way for you? What could we help with?