Artwork Spotlight

Artwork Spotlight: Harper Hazelmare’s Current Dream

In the Artwork Spotlight series of blog posts, the Layered Onion highlights a specific work by an artist in the community. These works could range from short stories to visual art to music and more!

Today, Harper Hazelmare (she/they/y’all) will be sharing their piece Current Dream. Harper took the time to participate in a Q+A with The Layered Onion, but before we share the dialogue, here’s a little bit more about Harper:

Harper Hazelmare is a writer of cautionary tales and mental health articles, a professional Witch with her own company, and a keeper of a community apothecary. Their life in scenic painting took them into visual artistry with acrylics, watercolors, graphite, and a deep love of charcoal.

Harper is most influenced by the visual art of Kim Noble and Anders Zanichkowsky; with writing, their touchstones are Chuck Palahniuk and Shirley Jackson. She currently resides in the Midwest with her spouse and their two geriatric cats.

Now let’s get into the Q+A portion! Today, we’ll be discussing Current Dream. By way of introduction, Harper says “This piece has echoes of a Jennifer Dodson creation, Copy + Variant, coming from her series exploring neurology in transition.”

Harper Hazelmare, Current Dream, Charcoal and graphite.

What mediums did you use for this piece? I know you are a fan of multiple! 

Charcoal and graphite, my favorite combo!

When you look at this piece, what stands out most to you or draws you back in?  

I still see the face in it which I originally saw upon completion; this is a subconscious theme in my work. When making visual art, there are usually 2-5 alters present with us co-creating simultaneously or taking turns—something which lends itself to “hidden” discoveries within each piece, some of which are quite tiny. However, the main draw for me in Current Dream is the stark lines, like a person struggling to practice control and commitment.

You also write mental health articles—do your written and visual artwork play together and expand on each other?  

They tend to be miles apart, actually! I’ve gotten feedback on how approachable my written work is while our visual art is consistently intense and abstract. That said, I’m launching a new book project this month and considering a bookmaking side project to go with it. Stay tuned!

Neurology in transition is a complex and inspiring topic. You mention you have some background in science, was that part of the inspiration for this piece?  

Neurology in transition is ASTOUNDING. My background is in medicine plus I’ve been committed to recovering from two TIAs and the education/retraining that warrants; I’ve had a front row seat to my brain’s on-going evolution. But don’t we all? I applied this same methodology toward understanding our DID and life as a system, life as a multiple. Much like the evolution from TIAs, and being human in general, our system keeps expanding and contracting as well—we’re currently in our fifth generation.

Is there any website or social media page(s) you’d like us to share for folks interested in seeing more of your work?  People can find my writing online at Medium and other work at my company Brown Horse Herbal.

Thank you for your responses and sharing Current Dream!