Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: MJ

It’s time for another Artist Spotlight! In this series of blog posts, The Layered Onion gets to know an artist in the community and learn a little more about them and their work. Today, MJ (she/they), an illustrator and creator currently based in Australia, will be sharing a series of works that engage with mental and emotional health challenges in the form of self care art.

But first, let’s learn a little bit more about MJ in MJ’s own words:

I’m MJ and I love to make illustrations. I grew up in South Korea and currently live in Melbourne, Australia.

My illustrations are all about mental health, self-love and personal growth. I create to help sad souls who struggle with their mental health issues to feel less alone. I also create art to heal my own. Making art is helping me a lot to open up and let out. I’d like to let depressed warriors be heard through my art.

I believe that little things can lighten up our mood and bring moments of joy. My art is here to remind you to take care of your mental health. It will help you to take a tiny little step to make it through the day. My arts are a mindful gift for sad souls who want to be kind to themselves and motivated.

Here are a couple of MJ’s illustrations:

MJ's illustration. MJ focuses on self care and mental health in art. 

Originally from South Korea, MJ resides in Australia.
MJ, I am valuable even tho I don’t know who I am, Print
Link for purchase
MJ. From South Korea, lives in Australia. Arts focuses on mental health - mental and emotional health challenges.
MJ, It’s a Beautiful Day, Print
Link for purchase
MJ's illustration. MJ focuses on self care and mental health in art.

Creates stickers, a sticker can go where you need to see it to help with mental and emotional health challenges. Digital.
Various stickers from the “It’s okay” sticker pack.

I find the use of color and form very striking in these works. Many pieces of MJ’s artwork are also available for purchase in the form of art prints, stickers, even journals on MJ’s Etsy Shop, which can be found by searching for “SadHumansHope” in Etsy or by clicking on this link. This Artwork Spotlight also happens to coincide with the launch of nine new sticker packs in MJ’s Etsy shop (there’s also a price discount for the few days after the launch). 

You can follow MJ on social media in the following places: Instagram and TikTok. MJ’s handle for both of these platforms is @hhumanmj. Also don’t forget to check out MJ’s website at, which features more illustrations, comics, etc. I’m a new follower on Instagram, and can attest to the content’s quality, especially as a fellow creative. I love the journal prompts in MJ’s Instagram stories!