Artwork Spotlight

Artwork Spotlight: Chrysanthemum

In the Artwork Spotlight series of blog posts, the Layered Onion highlights a specific work by an artist in the community. These works could range from short stories to visual art to music and more!

Today, Linda is sharing her poem “Chrysanthemum.”


Tears fall gently from above,
Nourishing the life still
Preparing below.

Wet feet put to bed with 
Frost stalling new
Growth above.

Your gift in 1970 and 
Fifty years later.

Mums the memory of 
Your time with us.

An annual reminder of 
Your charity to many.

Amber, yellow, orange and
Maroon. The colors of October.
The colors of you.

Emma, never forget the soul
That embodies the name.
Universal, you are whole.

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